Learn more about the American Association of Wound Care Management.

What does AAWCM do? 

AAWCM speaks with one voice to regulatory organizations and medical associations on behalf of AAWCM members, promoting the benefits of an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to wound healing.

We work collaboratively with other wound care advocacy groups to disseminate educational, research, and outcome information to policy makers and insurance companies.

We advocate for policies that ensure access to wound care providers and the most clinically effective wound care treatments without placing an undo administrative burden on providers.

Why did AAWCM form?

AAWCM was created when the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Association (HOTA) determined the need to include all wound care services as part of its initiatives and joined forces with a coalition of wound care management organizations. The goal was for all of wound care - wound centers managers, providers, HBOT chamber manufacturers, wound equipment and product supply companies, and practitioners - to speak with one voice on wound care payment and healthcare related policy.

How is AAWCM funded?

AAWCM is funded by contributions from its member organizations. Our current membership includes reputable corporations, organizations, and individuals involved in the field of wound care and/or hyperbaric oxygen therapy.